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Global Wealth Network …. is the newly emerging trend that we see being adopted by more and more people, … linking together the “like-minded”, across continents … every month.

A Global Wealth Network is an income- based project, formed by people who want a simple, elegant way to build passive income … online.

It is characterized by an ever-increasing international team of people (network) who collectively co-own or “broker” internet-based products or services …
and make these products/services available in the marketplace.

Because these products and/services are internet-based, they can be immediately delivered to any new customer, with no restrictions on geographic location.

Developing a Global Wealth Network is one of the principles of income creation for “The New Rich”.


Let’s start with an economic FACT …
“Nobody earns … until something of value is exchanged for dollars.

- IF you are in the workplace …
You labor, trade-skill is exchanged for a paycheck

- IF you are a service company …
Your professional or physical services are exchanged for dollars.

- IF you are a manufacturer /wholeseller/retailer …
Your products are exchanged for dollars.

- IF you are in sales/distribution …
You ability to move goods and services in the marketplace, is exchanged for dollars.

Building Your Online Global Wealth Network


In a Global Wealth Network, the members of the network either “broker”, or co-own (as affiliates),
a set of products and/or services that have value in the marketplace.

In the case of Empower Network, for example ….
The global community “co-owns” a set of online marketing educational products … and a unified blogging service platform … that helps people and businesses more effectively share their ideas and offerings with a larger online audience.

Income is generated as people and businesses agree to purchase products or subscribe to services that they agree have “value” for their personal, skillset, or business development.

If these customers choose to, they can invest in an “affiliate position” … become a co-owner in the network .. and have the rights to re-sell any of the products and services AND expand their team of like-minded associates …within the Global Wealth Network.

Everytime they attract a new associate to the Global Network that invests in the products/services,
their income is increased and the network expands.

Sustainable Online Wealth … Relationships …
and Residual Income

Global Wealth Network

In the case of “online products” … most products that are offered have a specific intended use and focus.
They are purchased once … and the customer owns the value of that product.

That product sale, generates an income only ONCE …
and the only way to gain more income is to continually market that product to more and more new customers.

Not the case … with a “service”.
When you are offering an ongoing online service …
like a blogging platform, or an email auto-responder, or any similar internet-based service…
there is a subscription “cycle” .

That means that weekly or monthly, your associates/customers will be renewing their subscription for that service. THAT MEANS A MONTHLY, RECURRING, income stream for you … ALL ONLINE !

That means …monies that flow to us, month-after-month for some work that we did in the marketplace.

We perform the work once (introduce and educate our contact to a valuable service offering) …
and we receive the income benefits month-after-month ..continually

In the unique case of the “Empower Network” … we gain 100% of the price of any product offer or monthly subscription that our members pay for.

At monthly service offerings that are $25 and $100 per month, this allows all of our members to really build amazing monthly incomes with only a few people in their personal network.

For example…
with only 20 people who are investing $125 in their own personal /business development …
($25/mo-Blogging Platform + $100/mo InnerCircle) = $2500/mo
That’s enough to pay an average mortgage …

Marketing Methods …
Systems to Deliver the Message

Global Wealth Network

Traditionally … there have been several ways to deliver your message/offering online:

- Article Marketing
- Blogging
- Text and Image Ads in Social Media
- Craigslist Ads
- Click Bank
- Solo Email Ad Campaigns
- Search Engine Pay-Per-Click
- Social Media Pay-Per-Click

While all of these methods for sharing your ideas, skillsets, causes, or business offerings … are great…
The typical confusion that immediately comes into play is …
“Now that I have an idea, “which” of vehicles should I choose to deliver my special message online”?

Indecision leads to procrastination …
Procrastination leads to a sense or “inadequacy” and helplessness.

Helplessness leads to “frustration” …
And people wind up QUITTING, before they even give themselves a chance to start !

New School Approach

Global Wealth Network

“Make it … personally rewarding / educational / social / FUN … and they will come!”


Let’s Look at Empower Network as an example of a Global Wealth Network.

In this example of a Global Wealth Network … we use the Affiliate Membership Model.

This model attracts LIKE MINDED PEOPLE …

- from a variety of different educational experiences …
- from different workplace experiences …
- from different international cultures ….

who are all focused on two common core principles:

(1) Having Complete Mastery over their finances
They select the products that they feel will best help them to more effectively deliver their message to a larger online audience.

We orientate our members to one method … My Story Marketing … which is based in blogging and video
(our blogging platform and our products allow you to gain expertise in these two strategies)

Instead of being pushing or selling … we “attract to a like-minded member community.
Instead of trying to convince you to promote a products and services…
We encourage you to select only the products and/or services that will help you deliver YOUR MESSAGE!

Now here is the “secret” to viral income growth …

Share the benefits of your Global Wealth Network (the tools, resources, and community) with your sharpest, most motivated contacts and associates … and watch your network EXPLODE as these contacts begin to share and invite THEIR contacts into the network!

Collaboration … instead of competition.
Synergy … instead of division.

Global Wealth Networks allow you to mastermind with Top Achievers from a variety of industries.
Each supporting the other … in mutual growth.

Our income increases … as the size and strength of our Network expands …
From city-to-city, in your country … and into other countries.

Developing a Global Wealth Network is one of the principles of income creation for “The New Rich”.



If you’re ready to learn more about how you can partner with a fantastic group of ACTION TAKERS … and begin to immediately Build Your Global Wealth Network
Click The Button Below – Watch A Brief Video – Build Your Global Wealth Network Today!


Global Wealth Network

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